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Join your horror hosts Matt and Desiray as they take you through the plot of a new horror movie every week. Matt loves everything but Desiray is a little harder to please. Oh and every once in awhile there is a kick ass horror related interview. 

We can be found on all the popular podcast streaming sites. Anchor, iTunes, Breaker, Stitcher, Google Podcast, CastBox, Overcast, RadioPublic, PocketCast, Spotify, and even I Heart Radio

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Every week we talk about a different movie and occasionally we have a horror related interview, or sometimes we link up with our buddies over at mutantfam.com and get in on their theme for MutantMarathon or the upcoming Double Feature Saturdays. The point is, if you like horror, The Garage of Horror Podcast is definitely a place you want to be. 





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